Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Writer of Supernatural Stories Re-Awakened

Hello. Call me Valkyrie. I am a writer of supernatural stories re-awakened. I am an employee of the Philippine government. Writing is my deepest passion. In high school, 1972-1976, I would be sent as delegate to campus journalism workshops all over the Philippines and I would end up winning in the writing competitions. There was a time when I published a school science newsletter all by myself. I literally wrote ninety percent of the articles and edited the entire paper. On weekends, I would write essays and short stories just for the sheer pleasure of it and lock all these up in a big wooden box in the attic.

After attending college at the University of the Philippines, I got my first job in 1985 as an Electronic Data Processing employee at the Philippines’ only copper refinery (Philippine Associated Smelting & Refining Corp.) at Isabel, Leyte Province, Philippines. The company maintained a corporate newsletter and I was one of those picked to be trained by veteran journalists from Manila. I would go on to contribute numerous articles from the serious to the whimsical.

In writing, you let your creative juices flow. Where before, I would make do with dirtying whole sheets of paper with rewrites and revisions, computers and the internet have changed all that. Blogging has given me and thousands of others the opportunity to give vent to creativity and originality. And reach millions of readers.

I am launching this web log to give you all an entertaining and mentally stimulating literary experience. I am full of stories that would keep you riveted to this blog. How’s that for a writer of supernatural stories re-awakened … ?

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