Wednesday, December 26, 2007


All over the world, there are recurring stories of incubi and succubi. An incubus is a male supernatural entity whose primal desire is to have sexual intercourse with a human female. A succubus is a female entity which seeks to have intercourse with a human male. Some incidents associated with incubi/succubi molestation occur while the mortal victim is sound asleep at night, bathing, or while changing clothes.

I personally know a 39-year-old woman who experienced such molestation barely a month ago. She is separated from her husband and lives in a one-bedroom rickety house with her five kids with ages ranging from 13 years old to 2 years old. Her second husband is a sales agent who is on travel five days a week. She sleeps in the bedroom with her two youngest kids aged 7 and 2, both girls. For lack of space, the three elder children sleep in the living room.

Despite her age, Virginie, as we shall call her, is still very beautiful and shapely. She is also endowed with an open “third eye” which enables her to see more of the paranormal than most ordinary people.

In the last week of November, 2007, while her husband was away on travel, Virginie woke up in the middle of the night. She could feel an unnatural presence in her bedroom. She initially shrugged it off as a figment of her imagination as she was still groggy from sleep. Moments later, the floorboards at the foot of her bed began creaking, as if someone or something, though invisible, was treading on them. She recited a prayer for protection and the creaking stopped.

Two weeks later, while her husband was yet on another business trip, she began experiencing wet dreams for five successive nights. In every instance, she felt she was dreaming of tender moments with her second husband. She also felt as if her body was immobilized in supine position on her bed while a inexplicable heaviness went on top of her.

On the sixth day, she could take it no more. She consulted a friend who was well-versed in the supernatural. The friend surmised an incubus had taken fancy of Virginie and he was responsible for the attacks. That very day, they secured the services of a spirit healer who promptly visited Virginie’s home. After the spirit healer had erected psychic barriers on doorways and windows, the incubus molestation has not been repeated as of this writing.

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