Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Mountains of Good and Evil (Part 2)

In the year 2005, a local TV station launched a series on the supernatural. “Nginiig: The Hidden Files”, as it was called, was topbilled by a core group of young psychics trained in different facets of the occult. The head psychic and leader of the group was Ruel Ruiz. John de los Santos was the “locator”. Young & attractive Mae de Vera was the “communicator” and could talk to earthbound souls. Laura Elizabeth Fontanilla (a.k.a. Laiza Milo) was a paranormal investigator. The other members of the group were Ayyee Domingo and Raymond Consul.

For one of the episodes, the group ascended Mt. Cristobal to prove once and for all the veracity or falsity of the stories surrounding the mountain. At the base of the mountain, they fetched two native guides who were familiar with Mt. Cristobal’s terrain and trails. One of the psychics had a premonition that two of the group would somehow get lost up the mountain.

They began their ascent at dusk since their plan was to reach the upper slopes before midnight. At around 7 P.M., they were a third of the way up. It was already pitch black and only the battery-powered lamps and flashlights of the group pierced the darkness.

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