Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mountains of Good and Evil (Part 6)

Finally, the group could take it no longer. They gathered their gear and hastily retreated down Mt. Cristobal’s slope just before midnight. Upon reaching base camp at the foot of the forbidding mountain, Ruel Ruiz, the head psychic, performed an auric cleansing ritual on every member of the group so that the evil spirits would not be able to follow them.

A tragic event seemingly capped the two years Nginiig (Filipino word for “shivers”) psychics dealt with the supernatural for every episode of the television series. A few weeks after the Mt. Cristobal sortie, young Nginiig director Luigi Santiago was fatally shot in cold blood. The entire cast and crew were devastated and they dedicated a few episodes more to their beloved director. Then, Nginiig: The Hidden Files gracefully faded away …

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