Friday, January 25, 2008

Tikbalang! (Part 2)

Some survivors recounted that the tikbalang slapped, pushed, knocked them over and were not allowed to get back up. Some travelers who have been led astray by the tikbalang reportedly went insane or were never seen again. All the while, the creature is reportedly wracked by nervous, childish giggling.

Once the victim ceases to resist, the tikbalang loses interest and leaves. The victim finds himself alone in complete darkness in the woods, the sun long set. No matter how hard the victim tries to get back home, no matter how far he goes or where he turns, he invariably finds himself back in the same spot as if the forest was folding in upon itself with no way out. The victim is beset with a sense of disorientation. The way to counteract this spell is to wear your clothes inside out.

A tikbalang reportedly makes a great servant, doing everything its master commands. Philippine faith healers or witch doctors have been known to send their servant tikbalangs on various errands. But before a mortal can make a tikbalang his servant, he must first tame the creature.

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