Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Mountains of Good and Evil (Part 3)

At that point, several of the psychics began sensing, but not seeing, several entities watching them from a all around at a discreet distance. Confident of their innate powers and their extensive psychic training and experience, they trudged on.

By around 9 P.M., they were halfway up the mountain. By this time, many of the psychics could actually see the supernatural entities which had by now formed a loose wide circle around them. Thankfully, the were not approaching the group who had by now formed a tighter defensive formation as they continued to trek upward.

Inexplicably, their two guides who were hiking up front suddenly were lost from view. They shone their lamps in all directions and called out their guides’ names but received no answer. No matter how hard they hiked forward, they always seemed to end up facing the same clump of bamboo trees. They were lost for around 45 minutes before their guides found them again.

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